Touch in Germany

Touch Rugby is a particular variant of rugby that has been played in Germany since 2003. Touch differs from Rugby as there is no hard body contact, and no scrums or tackles. This fast and exciting sport can be played in either women's, men's, or mixed teams (3 men & 3 women). Touch is also suitable for all ages!

What is Touch?

Touch is a fast and exciting ball sport that originated in Australia. Touch is a minimum contact sport that emphasises skilful running, ball handling, and strategic team play. The goal of the game is for a team to score more points (touchdowns) than their opponent. A point (touchdown) is scored when a player, who is not acting half, places the ball on or beyond the opposing team's scoreline.

Upcoming Events

Touch Calendar 2022:

  • 21 May - Capital Cup in Berlin
  • 11 June - Cologne Cup in Cologne
  • 02 July - Bavarian Open in Munich
  • 24 September - Bembel Cup in Frankfurt
  • 15-16 October German Championship